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5 Steps To Becoming a Savage Networker

5 Networking Event Tips To Becoming a Savage Networker5 Networking Event Tips To Becoming a Savage Networker

Urban Dictionary Describes Savage as: {adjective}: An act that is either cool or hardcore, going beyond the normal scope of a given situation. If you want to become a Savage Networker follow these steps recommended by our CEO at your next networking event, and you’ll be well on your way.


1. It’s about them!

No one attends a networking event thinking, “Man I hope 200 people approach me and try to sell me all their crazy sh*t.” Drop the sales pitch and head off to the event with the mindset of how you can be of service to the people you run into. Think about your strengths, both within context of your professional and personal background. What can you offer fellow networkers that would help them take their business to the next level? Share that and people will remember you and will want to learn more about who you are.


2. Be the person everyone wants to meet

Lead every conversation by bringing your unique personality to the forefront. Be genuine, sincere, honest, and fun. People do business with those who they like, know and trust. How many times have you run into someone who starts pitching a service before taking 2 minutes to get to know you? Don’t be that person. No one wants to give out personal information to a nut job.


3. Be a connector

Who do you know that would be a valuable resource to the people you meet at the networking event? After connecting for a few minutes it usually becomes pretty obvious what the main goal is. If you know someone who could add value to another organization, connect your contacts. The person you are talking to will most likely give you a connection that is of massive value. And now…SCORE a major win-win just went down.


4. Listen More, talk less

Legendary talk show host Larry King said “I never learned anything while I was talking.” There is no way you can figure out how to help a fellow if you are the one doing all of the talking. When you’re networking, ask questions and be genuinely interested in their response. Develop personal and professional relationships by offering advice and solutions to fellow networkers.


5. Networking Event Follow Up

The networking doesn’t stop when you walk out the door of the event. In fact, it’s just beginning. Have you ever heard of the 72 hour rule? Usually it is applied in the context of first dates. If your date doesn’t text or call you back within 72 hours it usually means it was a flop. In a lot of ways, networking is like dating. If you really believe your networking chat was a “match” be sure to show interest within the next 3 days, and interest will definitely be shown to you. Be all over it and make sure you set up some meetings, either face to face or via Skype- begin that relationship that’s going to take you both to the next level.


After attending a couple events and following the steps above, savage networking will become your default operating mode. Be prepared to grow your business in ways you never imagined.

Jing Yi Gao
Jing Yi Gao