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The Secret Sauce to Making Your Next Event Amazing

    Written by Jing Yi Gao on October 16, 2017

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Every event planner wants their next event to be the best one they’ve ever done. The ultimate goal is to fill every seat in the house and leave the audience so enthralled that they can’t wait to come back for more.


To achieve this, there must be:

  1. A vision
  2. A plan
  3. Flawless execution
  4. Innovative topics
  5. A venue that rocks
  6. Top notch speakers
  7. Impeccable marketing and promotion
  8. An app that encourages engagement during the event
  9. The secret sauce


The Vision

Every great event begins with a vision. I recently attended an event called ServeX in Orange County. Manny Lopez, the event planner, had the vision to create an event where all the speakers would focus on giving value to the attendees by inspiring and teaching them how to shift their mindset from sales to service. The result was brilliant in its impact as all of the speakers knew what they were expected to deliver and they all rose to the occasion. None of them gave a sales pitch and the audience left inspired and educated with specific techniques they could use to better serve their clients.


A Plan

Once the event planner has flushed out the vision, a detailed plan must be created. The best way to excel in this step is to keep a bullet journal with notes on specific steps that have worked in past events. Review the notes and consider what’s been most effective before and focus on those aspects of the upcoming event. Therefore, don’t be afraid to innovate, by incorporating such things as virtual reality, break out sessions, music, reverse panel discussions (pull audience members in) and impromptu speakers or sessions.


Flawless Execution

Don’t let your well-planned event go into the crapper because of poor execution. Your attendees expect you to deliver the event on time and as promised. If your sessions don’t begin and end on time or several of your speakers don’t show up (or aren’t replaced with someone on the same level) your attendees will not return to future events.


Innovative Topics

Here you can shine by bringing at least a few sessions that are intriguing and out of the box. Invite a singer/ songwriter to discuss the unexpected neural impact playing an instrument has on the brain and the potential this has for educational development. Don’t allow the status quo to prevent you from shaking things up a bit and drawing in a new niche audience.


A Venue That Rocks

Your attendees demand an experience so why not give them a venue that will knock their socks off. The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce is hosting their next Biz at Sunset mixer at Pacific Park and offering free Ferris wheel rides to all who attend.


Top Notch Speakers

I had the pleasure of listening to John Leslie Brown present at ServeX OC. Not only did he teach us the importance of using a 100-year plan to establish your family legacy, he announced his 2018 run for governor of the state of California.


Impeccable Marketing and Promotion

You can have the best laid out plan on the planet and the most flawlessly executed event on the planet, but if you don’t nail your promotion and marketing the seats will be empty. A pro tip is to request that your speakers and sponsors are required to sell a limited amount of tickets. Innovate by having your speakers or attendees of prior events create viral videos about their experience.


An App That Encourages Audience Engagement and Participation

There are many apps available today that incorporate the schedule, highlight speakers, offer in-app social media, and facilitate networking. Find one that you are comfortable with and encourage attendees to download before they arrive. For example, Socio offers beautiful event apps that are simple and user-friendly with features that gamify the networking and engagement process. 


The Secret Sauce

You and the passion you bring to the event is the secret sauce that will tie the whole event together and take it to the next level. It’s your job to give your audience an experience they’ve never had before. Your unique perspective on the universe and your ability to bring all of the elements of the event together in an unprecedented manner is what’s going to bring massive value and make this stand out from all of the other events out there.


What are you going to bring to the table that nobody else can?



Interested in building an app to take your event to the next level? See why Socio could be the one for you.


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