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successful event planning tips

3 Ways to Capture the Rise Of “Smart” Event Planning

Given the access of information in Today’s world, it’s never been easier to have “Smart” events. Never. It doesn’t require tons of...

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attendee engagement

5 Ways to Increase Attendee Engagement That Actually Work

When it comes to event planning, there are a lot of moving parts. As an event manager, it may be tough to balance event logistics,...

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4 Most Underrated Skills That’ll Make You a Rock Star in the Event Industry

To become a shining event planner in the industry, you will need some skills. If you have already acquired these 4 important skill...

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Is Your Event Hashtag Failing on Social Media? Try the Free Hashtag Generator!

Let’s talk about Event Promotion, Planners! Without promotion, how can anyone hear about your events?  During event promotion,...

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networking event tips

Please! Don’t Do These 5 Things When Networking

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days! We get it, nobody is perfect. The solution is catching the problem and fixing ...

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13_tips_to_get_the_most_out_of_an_event _app

13 Tips to Get the Most out of an Event App

Event planners are beginning to understand the importance of an event app to the overall experience of their attendees. A great ap...

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Useful Budgeting Tips for Event Planners

Money to Event Planners is like bread and water. Having a proper budget can make or break your event. You can often determine the ...

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3 Decisions That Will Make or Break Your Event

When you’re planning an event, there is a lot going through your mind. You want to make sure that everything is perfect, and it al...

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event marketing

Market Your Events Like Steve

It should come as no surprise that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the United States. With more than 169 million smar...

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5 Ways Collaboration & Innovation Transform Event Planning

Today’s event attendees have an expectation of attending an event that provides them with an unprecedented experience. They've bee...

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Event Apps: Fad or Fundamental?

It is no secret that event apps have become a hot new interest for event planners of all shapes and sizes. So the pressing questio...

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#eventprofs: Have you tried Pomodoro Technique?

#eventprofs are well known for juggling multiple to-do lists and getting around unforeseeable barricades with amazing agility. (a ...

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Top 5 Things That Every Event Planner Should Know

The event industry is something that is growing month after month. It is filled with hundreds of planners that are all fighting fo...

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networking follow up

[EPISODE 2] The Savage Networker: 5 Steps to Master Follow-Ups

If you haven't had a chance, take a look at Episode 1 to catch up with The Savage Networker series.  How often have you spent a...

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event planning tools

2017’s Top 5 Chrome Extensions: Boost Productivity

We love Google Chrome! It has a clean and easy user interface- fast and lightweight. But there is something else that makes Chrome...

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