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5 Ways Collaboration & Innovation Transform Event Planning

The Savage Series – Next Level Event Planning Through Collaboration and Innovation

Today’s event attendees have an expectation of attending an event that provides them with an unprecedented experience. They’ve been to Coachella, Burning Man, South By Southwest, and Comic Con and will be bored with anything less than awesome. The challenge in this event planning environment is to meet and exceed these expectations on a limited budget and an extremely short timeline. Collaboration, innovation, and flawless execution are the key.


Here are 5 tips that will transform your event!


1. Select a Diverse Team

Diversity simply means aligning your team with the makeup of the audience. The demographics of your attendees should be fairly represented by your event team. If half of your attendees are millennials and you don’t have any on your team, then how will you know how they connect with each other; what type of speakers or presentations resonate with them; and what is trending in their world? If you don’t know the answer to topics that are important to your audience, you will not deliver a great event in their eyes.


2. Involve Your Suppliers

Your resources as an event planner are extremely limited. By bringing your suppliers into the team, you will be surprised by the opportunities that they can bring to the table for your event. Involving some of the exhibitors will open doors to lower cost options for equipment or services required during the event. Including a representative from the hotel could result in a new service you had no idea was available.


3. Create a Culture of Collaboration

The number one reason creativity and innovation get stifled is because employees fear of failure. Team members of an organization are often afraid to bring new ideas into the mix. They fear rejection and being held responsible for possible issues that occur during the execution process. Of course your team must be held accountable for their actions. However, a great leader will allow for failure if there is learning space and follow up to improve the execution going forward.


4. Encourage Out of The Box Thinking

Once fear is removed from the equation, then it’s time to encourage the team to think out of the box. What if an alternative rock band played during lunch? Perhaps you could select someone from the audience to come up for a 5 minute Q/A with the keynote speaker? There are endless ideas to take your event over the top if you challenge your team to give more than the status quo. 


5. Reward the Team After The Event Is Over

Your team delivered a stellar event that created buzz from beginning to end. Take some time to celebrate the win and do something special with them. They will appreciate acknowledgement and recognition for a job well done along with a team lunch or a couple of  drinks at the cool local joint up the street. The thought and effort will excite them for the next big challenge.


Turn great event planning into a lifestyle and watch your event planning business grow exponentially!

Jing Yi Gao
Jing Yi Gao