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Interactive Attendee Lists: Future of Retargeting

    Written by Alihan Ozbayrak on March 28, 2017

Interactive Attendee Lists: Retargeting of the Future

“Some race towards the future, others are already there.” –Anonymous

Where are you?

Let’s be real. Are you getting the most out of your event attendee lists for marketing purposes? Event planners and marketers are running marathons daily with the end goal of promoting events and engaging attendees strategically and effectively in the famously dubbed ‘Golden Age of Marketing’. Nowadays, we have the ability to reach thousands of people on a daily basis, but impressions mean nothing without end-user relevance and conversion. The key is knowing your audience, and being able to reach out to them in multiple ways.

To achieve a competitive advantage and discover unique ways to engage with your audience before competition finds a better way, you need to think ahead to stay ahead.

Perfect Example: Victoria’s (Marketing) Secret Revealed!

While you were jamming out to Spice Girls and watching Full House reruns, Doubleclick was changing the face of digital marketing forever. Nearly 20 years ago, they ran the first retargeting campaign in response to high shopping cart abandonment rates for Victoria’s Secret. It provided a 1,000% increase in clicks and it has been a digital marketing staple ever since.

Interactive Attendee Lists: Future of Retargeting for Event Marketers:

It’s the age of interactivity, and event marketing technology is on the rise! More and more marketing professionals are transitioning from traditional prospect lists to interactive ones.

Here are the top three reasons why:

1) Event Management can access and distribute additional attendee information

What if we told you that you could reach out or follow-up with attendees on a more personal level? Traditionally, marketers are given an attendee list in the form of an excel sheet before an event for introduction or follow-up purposes, but there is untapped potential in uncovering additional attendee information: personal e-mails, profiles and social media accounts. By accessing these, you can follow all of your attendees on their respective platforms and organically push your content. You can also launch retargeting campaigns with personal e-mails instead of company ones, further increasing your advertising reach and effectiveness.

2) See Who’s Connecting With Who

Discover prospective client needs! Instead of sending e-mails attendees may or may not open, take a look at your interactive attendee list and see who Bob from Google is networking with for his latest rebranding campaign. It’s sneaky, but it’s smart. This is also a great way for event managers to relay attendee engagement statistics. For example, an interactive list with a back end analytics dashboard can provide a complete overview of how many attendees connected with various companies at a large scale conference, and from which industries.

3) Discover Attendee Preferences

With an interactive prospect list, you will also gain invaluable insight into user consumer buying patterns, social media platform preferences, average age, industry, etc. This is all great information to have for future follow-up and communication. We are all looking for ways to be more targeted and increase end user engagement.

So, have you figured out where you are? Are you racing toward the future or already there? Invest in interactive attendee lists and get ahead of the competition.

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