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Increase Attendee Collaboration at Your Next Event

    Written by Jing Yi Gao on October 10, 2017

attendee collaboration

Events are always transforming and adapting. A recent report from the IACC showed that new generations of event profs are altering how events are held by adding “more technology, more collaboration, and shorter sessions”. Attendee Collaboration is critical to the learning process and should be nurtured.   Here are 3 ways to create an environment that will foster collaboration:


Choose a meeting space that is conducive to collaboration

Gone are the days of lecture hall style seating and hotel venues. Now, event profs are placing more importance on open floorplans that allow for collaboration. By having networking sessions outside of structured sessions can allow attendees to comfortably converse and exchange ideas.   The IACC reported that 87% of planners agreed on the importance of collaborative meeting spaces, up 7% from last year. So, it’s time to ditch the classroom style seating and opt for more relaxed open spaces.


Create a format for sessions that allows interaction

Being talked at for an hour is rarely enjoyable. Instead, opt for shorter sessions that are interactive. Encouraging communication between speakers and audiences can be great. Conferences and meetings are places where ideas are exchanged, therefore, you should look for opportunities to create discussions in your sessions. For events with a large attendance rate, by utilizing the polling and live Q&A features on event apps can give everyone a voice.


Place an emphasis on networking

Networking facilitates collaboration. Encourage your attendees to get out there and network. It wouldn’t hurt to make it fun either! Find a way to gamify the networking experience. Hand out prizes for top players to encourage engagement. Or draw from speed dating events, and host speed networking breaks between sessions.   To give networking an edge, you could implement an event app. For example, Socio has unique networking features that are accompanied with a networking leaderboard that can be displayed for the event.


Networking is your priority? Schedule a meeting with us, and see how Socio can help lift the stress off your shoulders!


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