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Event Apps: Fad or Fundamental?

Event Apps: Fad or Fundamental

It is no secret that event apps have become a hot new interest for event planners of all shapes and sizes. So the pressing question is pretty simple: are these apps a fad that will soon fade out, or are they here to stay?


Technology has effectively made its way into every industry. So why would the event industry be any different? Instead of fighting with smartphones to get attendees attention, why not steer into the skid? Throwing your event on an app will only make your job as an event planner easier. In the long run, there is a good chance that it will end up helping you save time and money.


Take some of the stress out of planning your event:

Instead of printing out schedules, handouts, and worrying about relaying announcements, let your app take care of that for you. Let your attendees view the schedule for the event, important documents, and other people in attendance right on their phones. The one thing that you can always count on during an event is that it will never go 100% according to your plan. You always have to account for changes. Being able to keep your attendees up to date with all of the on the go changes can be of utmost importance. Without an app, mass communicating with all of the attendees via email or pricey texting services then becomes your only hope to relay to them what the last-minute changes or updates may be. And let’s be honest, people don’t open emails nearly as much as we would like them to. So how can an app help you solve this problem? You should be able to send push notifications to attendees to relay any information that you want. This is the most efficient, green, and effective way to communicate with your attendees.


What to look for in an event app:

 Now that you have made the decision to use an app for your event, what should you look for? Well of course you are going to want something that helps guide your attendees through the experience. As we just mentioned, having something that allows you to communicate with attendees is very important too. But what about taking care of, for some events, the largest revenue stream that they have, sponsors! Having an app that can allow your sponsors to be more visible and boost their satisfaction can be huge for your event. Digitally sponsoring the event allows attendees to be one click away from learning more about the sponsor. They can see a real return on investment sponsoring on an app. They can drive traffic to a webpage, a special deal they are offering, or even a landing page targeted towards the types of people who attend your events. Allowing the sponsor to do this means one thing for an event planner, more money and a bigger budget!


Which event app to choose:        

I now know I want an app for my event, but which one do I choose? That is a tough question, especially because there are a decent amount of choices that fulfill the aforementioned criteria that was laid out. If you really want to take your event to the next level, there is one last “secret weapon” that you should look for when making your decision. Think about it, why do a large percentage of people even attend an event? They do it to meet other individuals. Apps like Socio have a heavy focus on the user experience. They help facilitate networking and allow your attendees to make meaningful connections that transcend the event itself. This combined with the increase of the event engagement is something that separates an app like Socio from your average player out there. They ensure that the attendees have an unforgettable experience and it all comes back to the event that you planned for them!


Event apps are not going anywhere. They are becoming more and more a part of the event industry. Make sure that for your next event you stay up with this current trend and ensure that you create a great experience for all of your attendees!

Andrew Price
Andrew Price