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Attract More Sponsors to Your Event Using These 4 Platforms

Attract More Sponsors to Your Event Using These 4 PlatformsAttract More Sponsors to Your Event Using These 4 Platforms

Event sponsorships have a huge impact on an event’s budget. In a 2017 Event Industry Report by Eventbrite, they showed that 63% of event managers rely on sponsorships as a significant source of income. With that number only increasing, it’s time for you to attract the right sponsors for your event.

Sponsors are not always the easiest nuts to crack. They are careful with their money and know exactly what they want to do with it. Max Soni from DotComSEO says, “Many events are over-hyped, and event sponsors get burned in the process. When it comes to attracting sponsors, and retaining existing sponsors, the industry needs to fundamentally change its approach.”

Finding the right sponsors is tricky. Google searching events similar to yours, and then checking out their sponsors is one way to do it. Reaching out to your personal network for help first is nice too, but there has to be a better way, right?

So, here you go! Below are some platforms to help attract and find the right sponsors for you:


This is a platform that allows corporate or local businesses to discover events and sponsor them. Events are searchable based on the location, event type, event topic, event budget, and attendee sizes. Event planners can list their events on the site and customize it accordingly. The simple designs and layout are easy to comprehend for both parties. Major brands including Forbes and TEDx have used SponsorMyEvent.


Redbooks is a similar platform that allows search within its database for sponsorship possibilities. Except for one catch! Redbooks lets Event Planners look for sponsors, instead of the other way around. Some Event Planners may find this more convenient. Instead of waiting to be discovered, Redbook lets you find exactly what you are searching for. There are 100,000+ brands, 14,000+ agencies, and 260,000+ decision makers registered in Redbook’s database. Some of the major brands on Redbooks include Facebook, Google, Adobe, and LinkedIn.


This platform is modeled a little different from the first two. Unlike SponsorMyEvent or Redbooks, SponsorPitch allows both parties look for each other. This networking platform connects profiles with profiles to create a community-like environment. “Event Planners list their events in the system, and brands can search by keyword, date, location, age demographic, genre, and more.” says BizBash. Founded in 2009, SponsorPitch contains in-depth sponsorship profiles for companies such as Microsoft, GoPro, Luis Vuitton, Pepsi, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Delta Airlines and many other active sponsors.


Last but not least, OpenSponsorship specifically targets athletic and sporting events. Athletes, teams, or sporting events are registered and create a profile. Then, they can go ahead and apply for campaigns for which, if selected by the brand, they will receive a proposal from the brand. OpenSponsorship was featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, and more.

Luckily, with the help of modern technology, these marketing platforms will help you efficiently find the sponsorships you are looking for.

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Jing Yi Gao
Jing Yi Gao