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Did Apple Just Kill White Label Event Apps?

Apple Just Killed White Label Event Apps – WHAT NOW?Apple Just Killed White Label Event Apps – WHAT NOW?

[UPDATE] Check out our new blog on this topic to get the latest news regarding Apple’s banning policies of white label event apps


On June 5, 2017, the famous Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) took place in San Jose, California. As countless developers and tech professionals sat in a crowded auditorium, the keynote was started by none other than Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.


He was then followed by many leaders from the tech monster that is Apple. Around the half way mark, Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, took the stage to speak about the Apple App Store. During his announcements regarding the changes that Apple would be implementing, there was one that brought up some red flags. That one was the “App Store Cleanup” that Apple would be implementing.


What the Heck Is Going On?

According to Apple App Store’s new guidelines (4.2.6), “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.” So, what do these new guidelines actually mean? It simply means that Apple has the right to ban any apps that share a code base or template with other apps. Thus, in layman’s terms, that means white label event apps.



Why Would Apple Do This?

The reason that Apple is implementing this actually comes from a good place. They want to stop spam or redundant apps. According to TechCrunch“Cloned apps that are essentially carriers for a single ad or conversion module. There are hundreds of copies of music-streaming apps that shill pirated content to make it harder to track them down one by one and allow for single-shot bursts of revenue capture before they’re found out or retired.” You can’t blame Apple when they get over 60 ‘Flappy Bird’ clone apps thrown at their window daily!


However, a consequence to this has been reports of white label event apps already being rejected from the app store.


This policy change puts a majority of the event app companies in fear. It is unlikely that they will let their customers know that their event apps are at stake until they find an alternative solution. Although this spells big trouble for companies who only supply white label apps, this is not the end of event apps. It is actually quite the contrary. According to Event Manager Blog, “Research conducted early in 2017 by EventMB revealed that 53% of over 300 event professionals surveyed are providing an event app for current events with 75% of those not using apps planning to do so in the future.”


The industry is set to take a giant leap forward with its technology.


What Now?

One company that is primed to lead this leap forward is Socio. They are extremely familiar with the white label event app model, but have never believed in its sustainability. Why create millions of white label event apps that have no value once the events are completed? While competitors in the event app world are freaking out, scrambling to throw something together, Socio actually has a solution.


They remain unaffected by the policy change because they were protected from the beginning. They have solutions that allow their clients the opportunity to achieve the same level of branding opportunities that white label apps gave, while providing them with incredible event experiences.


I would expect Socio to make some big moves in the event app space, and would be surprised if they didn’t end up benefitting greatly from Apple’s new policies.

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Jing Yi Gao
Jing Yi Gao