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6 Signs You Should Invest in an Event App

    Written by Jing Yi Gao on November 21, 2017


When planning events, your strategy should be to constantly revamp your event and improve upon its weaknesses. If you don’t carefully monitor your performances, your events could collapse in the long run.


Although it may sound complicated, monitoring your events is not hard. You just have to know what you’re looking for.


As an event planner, I’ve gathered some red flags that too many event planners have ignored, myself included. Through my experiences of planning events and attending events, these are the most common things I’ve noticed happening around me. My solution was to invest in an event app, and below are some reasons why.


To help you and pass on the knowledge, here are 6 signs you should invest in an event app:


  • Heavy Printing Cost and Paper Reliance

No matter what kind of events you organize, printing costs will always be a toll. You are able to avoid that cost completely with an event app. You can also save trees and money with this investment, not to mention all the other perks an app brings. Don’t discount the idea because you have an older demographic that you think won’t adopt the technology either. You may be very surprised.


  • Unsuccessful Networking Results

At the end of the day, the people coming to your events are there to absorb your content, but they are also there to engage and network with others in attendance. As the event planner, you should have some ways built in to enhance the networking experience for these attendees.

Event apps let attendees network with more people in a shorter time. For example, Socio lets you shake your phone and exchange contact info, which is a fun way to network and good conversation starter.


  • Your Sponsors Want More Return on Investment

Event apps can literally drive your attendees to your sponsors instantly. This beats any display because it skips the extra steps your attendees won’t take. Event apps also have features like push notifications that you can showcase your sponsors, and other trendy real-time visualization features like SocioLive.


  • Looking to Engage Your Attendees Before, During, and After

Some event planners think the engagement of attendees is up to the attendees themselves, and I disagree.

I know that you can’t force anyone to engage, but there is always a reason why an individual who comes to your event isn’t engaging with others. Most likely they are introverted or are uncomfortable facilitating conversations and just need to be brought out of their shell.


Event apps let people with all personalities engage through chat features, social wall, networking, and more. Something really neat is that Socio’s chat lets you do group chats, send pictures or videos, and propose meetings.


  • Need Better Ways to Organize Your Event

Sometimes there could be a change of location or change in agenda during your event. You can update the agenda and notify your attendees through an event app in real time. Let’s be honest, physical agendas will never be as easily accessible and dynamic as something electronic.


  • You Need Data on Your Event

Event apps are electronic, which means they remember and keep track of what happened at your event for you. For example, the breakdown of professions, and other demographics of your attendees. These data can then be used to strengthen your marketing game.



If you are interested in investing in an event app, schedule a demo here.



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