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5 Event Influencers to Follow: Event Planning Royalty

    Written by Joseph Watkins on April 04, 2017

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos once said, “In business what’s dangerous is not to evolve.”


Replace ‘dangerous’ with ‘lethal’ and that’s the outcome for many companies who failed to innovate.
Remember Blockbuster? Sure you do, because they are just a memory now. Borders…more like boarded up.

In reality, everything is in constant transformation. Whether it’s virtual reality, live streaming capabilities or
the use of sophisticated event apps, event planners are
forced to stay up to date in order to deliver engaging and profitable experiences.


So, how are you evolving your event planning expertise? What are you doing, how are you doing it and which
event influencers are you following
 to stay ahead of the game?


Here are our top 5 picks for Event Influencers to Follow:

1. @tojulius

Julius Solaris Event Influencer

Famously known as the creator of the Event App Bible, Julius Solaris is the editor of the Event Manager Blog,
internationally known and geared toward event professionals covering the sphere of event planning and event
technology. Recently, one of his campaigns with RS Components won Consultancy’s The Digitals for Best Multichannel
Marketing Campaign.

Julius Solaris Twitter          Julius Solaris Instagram          Julius Solaris Youtube


2. @davidadler

David Adler Event Influencer

CEO and Founder of Bizbash, David Adler started his career after launching a Washington society magazine at a young
age. His leadership at Bizbash resulted in the largest media property in the events industry, with 1.5 million
annual user sessions. In addition to his major contribution as one of the top event influencers, Adler has recently
served in numerous volunteer roles with U.S. State Department, Global Chiefs of Protocol Conference, and the
Diplomatic Culinary Partnership’s American Chef Corp.

David Adler Twitter
          David Adler Instagram          David Adler Youtube


3. @ItsWillCurran

Will Curran Event Influencer

As Founder and CEO of Endless Entertainment, Will Curran is no stranger to overseeing successful event production
nation-wide. Named one of the 40 under 40 event industry leaders and 35 entrepreneurs under the age of 35, Will
began his career in high school when he began his first company. He’s been taking events to the next level ever
since. Follow Will to get his take on what’s happening with A/V, event marketing, Social Media, and technology.

Will Curran Twitter
          Will Curran Instagram          Will Curran YouTube


4. @lizkingevents

Liz King Event Influencer

More like the Queen of Event Planning! When you think of leading NYC event planners, superwoman Liz King, CEO
of Techsytalk, a celebrated community of collaborative innovators in the events industry, is the first that comes to
mind.  She is also the Founder of Liz King Events, an event firm that plans conferences and meeting, branded events,
and product launches. Famously known for forward thinking and high caliber guest experience, Liz uses a mix of
technology and creativity to plan the perfect event.

Liz King Twitter          Liz King Instagram          Liz King YouTube


5. @punchtownparry

Adam Parry Event Influencer

Talk about a young genius. Adam Parry is the Co-founder and Editor of Event Industry News (EIN) in addition to
Co-founder of the Event Technology Awards. Experienced as an author, he has developed the news portal to gain access
to the industry and provide an in-demand, interactive platform. He is also the Director of Event Tech Live.

Adam Parry Twitter
          Adam Parry Instagram          Adam Parry YouTube



So, if you’re lacking ideas and don’t know where to start, you have no excuse!

Make sure to follow our top 5 picks and check out how we can help take your event to the next level.
Who knows, maybe you will be the next on the list.

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