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4 Ways to Get More Attendees to Exhibitor Booths – Guaranteed

4 Trade Show Booth Ideas That Attract VisitorsPhoto credit: Emerald Expositions

Regardless of what kind of event you organize, if you have sponsors or exhibitors, they will have a certain level of expectation. It is up to you to meet or exceed their expectations to secure those long-term relationships and maximize your revenue potential. If the exhibitors were not satisfied with their experience, they are not going to renew for next year. Being subjected to bad word of mouth can also alienate you from future prospects.

If you are clear on their objectives before going into the event, it’s not hard to woe your exhibitors. No matter what specific benchmarks they set, the bottom line is to drive attendees to their booths.

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To set your exhibitors up for success, here is how you can drive more traffic to their booths:

Eye-catching booth designs, activities, and giveaways

Did you know the human attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s? A goldfish has the attention span of 9 seconds while humans have it at 6 to 8 seconds. Which means, your exhibitor booths have less than 9 seconds to attract attendees. What that means is, as the exhibitor, it is important to be that “shiny object” in the room. The first impression is the design of the booth. Having a creative decor or attractive design can set the booth apart from others, especially in a larger expo or tradeshow with countless exhibitors. Talk with your exhibitors and encourage them to think creatively.

Socio’s customers include names such as Google, Harvard, and Pinterest along with other.

The low-hanging fruit of giveaways and freebies is one sure way to lure attendees to the booth. These freebies can vary from simple things such as pens, water, or snacks, to bestselling products from the exhibiting brand. Make sure your exhibitors don’t forget to include brand information and call-to-actions on giveaways.

Another organic way to attract attendees is through activities. Fun ways to create competition and engage attendees can be in the form of a game or a photo booth. It’s also a plus if you can incorporate the exhibitors into the activities by aligning with their product or brand.

Social media play

Being active on social media before, during, and after the event can all be good to exhibitors. Out of all three, the most effective in guiding traffic to exhibitors seems to be ‘being active during the event’. Your team should be active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the event while also promoting your sponsors and exhibitors. However, that is not enough. Onboard and encourage your partners to do the same to secure the most foot traffic to their booth.

Use a mobile event app to enhance engagement

Event apps are the best way to reach your attendees instantly. It creates that seamless communication between the attendee and sponsor or exhibitor. For example, Socio‘s event app can showcase sponsors and exhibitors in a simple and beautiful design, thus making them more visible to the crowd. Features like announcements or notification are a great way to let attendees know which exhibitors are having which activities or giveaways. Through your app, there should also be the ability to have the attendees be one click away from more information about any sponsor or exhibitor.


Workshops are a great way to attract attendees without the “sale-sy” name tag. This tactic works especially well in events that are focused on learning or networking. Aligning your partners’ brand with educational content or hands-on programs will attract maximum participation. Attendees that come will be able to bounce ideas off of one another as well.

Don’t let your sponsors and exhibitors down. Master these 4 tips, and your sponsors and exhibitors are sure to maximize their Return on Investment.

Jing Yi Gao
Jing Yi Gao