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4 Handpicked Event Marketing Tips That Gets You More Email Conversions

4 Handpicked Tips That Guarantee More Email Responses
4 Handpicked Tips That Guarantee More Email Responses

Emails are the most popular platform for business communications today. 120.4 billion business emails are sent daily, so it’s important to top your event marketing game, and make your emails stand out to get your audience to actually read them.

In the event and entertainment industry, emails have a 21.21% open rate, 2.33% click rate, and 0.28% unsubscription rate on average. So, after some research, I present you 4 handpicked event marketing tips that can better improve your email marketing techniques to get more responses, attendee conversions, and stop your email from ending up in the Spam or Trash boxes.



Some might think this will come off cheesy, but the result from personalizing your emails is anything but. Many businesses and organizations have proven to see an increase in open rates and sales revenue when their messages are personalized to their audience. Showing your audience that you’ve done your research and put in effort makes them feel like you care about them as a person, not a selling point.

Some examples of these businesses are:


  • NetProspex saw a 111% increase in their email opening rate, after sending a more personalized series of emails based on their costumers’ persona.


  • BustedTees experienced 8% increase of email revenue overnight, simply by segmenting their subscribers into different time zones.


  • Hubspot had a click rate of 0.73% that jumped to 0.96%, by adding a signature and picture of a marketing rep. This personalized their business and showed the email was sent by a real person.

Subject Line Is Important

In most event marketing cases, people decide on whether to open the email or not based on the name and the subject line. This also means, the more powerful the subject line, the more email responses you will get.

There is a lot of research out there on how to help you craft a powerful subject line. One of them is done by MailChimp. Their study showed that the highest open rates of between 60-87% include the company title, and here are some examples of successful subject lines from their study:

  • Invitation from [company name]
  • TED2014: Invitation to register for [recipient name]
  • Upcoming Events at [company name]


Some tips to take away from their study are:

  • “Freebie” has a larger increase in open rates than “Free”.
  • Words that imply time sensitivity are “Urgent” and “Breaking”.
  • People are more intrigued by “Announcement” and Invitations” than “Cancellations” and Reminders”.
  • Requests for donations are often ignored.
  • Capitalization of the subject line can increase open rate.


Be Cautious of Spam Filters

Watch out for the spam filters to ensure your email actually reaches your audience, because let’s be honest, nobody checks their spam. Did you know only 73% of messages make it to the inbox? The rest either go missing or to spam.

Let’s get to it, how can you avoid the spam filters?

  • Send from a legit email address.
  • Avoid the over-usage of large fonts, colored fonts, and all-caps.
  • Use plain text instead of HTML.
  • Avoid spam trigger words in titles: call free, 100% free, act now.
  • Have an unsubscribe option on your email


Provide Value and Humor

Your audience is more likely to read your email and take action if your message shows the value in doing so. However, do not present false or unclear information. Clickbait in event marketing can destroy your creditability, and won’t get you any email responses. Go for a clear and simple description of the message you are trying to deliver. You can also provide them freebies or useful tips to gain loyalty.

Humor is something everyone appreciates. Inserting appropriate pictures or media can also lighten up the tone and make your message pleasant to read.


If your email is personable, has a powerful subject line, and is valuable and pleasant to read, your audience cannot say no when it’s in front of them.


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Jing Yi Gao
Jing Yi Gao