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3 Ways to Capture the Rise Of “Smart” Event Planning

3 Successful Event Planning Tips to Capture the Rise of "Smart" Event Planning 3 Successful Event Planning Tips to Capture the Rise of "Smart" Event Planning

Given the access of information in Today’s world, it’s never been easier to have “Smart” events. Never. It doesn’t require tons of money, some famous speaker, or lavish gifts. It doesn’t require experience, charisma, or some million-dollar brand.

It’s a simple matter when one cuts through all the noise. It’s cutting through the noise that’s the hard part.

In fact, if you have yet to have your events have the level of impact you want, it likely has nothing to do with you. Given the amount of information out there and the time it takes to throw a great event it’s a wonder how event planners survive, much less have smarter events.

If the shear amount of information has left you more confused than empowered, take a deep breath and relax.


We’re about to take your event to the next level.


Make Attendee Networking A “Simple Shake”

Complexity is the enemy of success at events. When your attendees are trying to network at light speed they need a way to quickly exchange information so they can follow-up later.

Business cards get lost. People are unable to put a name with phone numbers exchanged.

Yet, when we’re able to harness the undeniable power of imagery and social profiles, attendees are able to recall their conversations and make their interactions more profitable.

That profitability leads back to rave reviews about the interactions of the conference.

Rave reviews mean more repeat attendees who tell their friends about the awesome experience they had.

Making networking a simple shake leads to key point 2:


Gamify the Experience

The gamification of business is here to stay. A recent Gallop Poll found that 91% of employee engagement was increased through gamification.

If you apply this research to your events, you can create a next level experience.

Attendees begin to push interactions which creates more exposure for your sponsors as well as businesses attending the conference.

Using the psychological principle of the “herd” mentality, gamification creates a tipping point that leaves an unforgettable experience for your attendees.


Get Better Sponsors by Quantifying Their Investment

An estimated 565 billion is spend on event marketing each year. Over 21% of corporate marketing budgets.

The problem is, few people can track the ROI of these sponsorships. These brands have no way to know the amount of exposure they received.

Thankfully, with some of the cutting edge apps this problem has been taken care of. A select few event planners are now able to quantify the number of exposures sponsors will have with attendees.

In addition, these event planners can pass the data on to sponsors so they are able to follow-up over time. This tracking has created a win-win for sponsors and event planners.


There is no wonder why these select event planners have been able to dominate their competition and create events that both attendees and sponsors are talking about weeks and months after.


If you’d like to know more how you can have “smarter” events, check out the case studies below.

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Yarkin Sakucoglu
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