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3 Innovative Tools Every Event Planners Needs

    Written by Jing Yi Gao on August 29, 2017

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We all know that #eventprofs are incredibly busy with their schedules. Most of the time, they have to wear multiple hats to get the essentials done, which leaves them close to no time to step back and think about what could take their events to the next level? These amazing tools can create a great first-impression and end with your event with getting the data you want.


Here are 3 simple tools that every event planner needs now:



Learning about your attendees’ thoughts is really important for you to improve your future events. One classic way of collecting data from your attendees is sending out surveys. Typeform will let you create beautiful and gamified surveys. This neat tool lets you ask questions based on previous answers. They also allow for quizzes and forms too, they’ve got it all. Use Typeform in your next event to send out a quiz for your attendees and challenge them with some creative questions!



Whether you invite specific people to your event, or publish your event online and have everyone register, the first impression that you will make to your potential attendees will be your landing page. Leadpages is a neat landing page builder. It lets you create the dream landing page without having any technical expertise. It is mobile responsive and beautifully designed to attract more attendees for your next event!


Hashtag Generator:

There aren’t many free marketing tools for event planners out there, so we’ve decided to create one for you! It’s hard to come up with creative and trendy hashtags for your event. Many planners often get stuck here. Hashtag Generator has made event marketing easier, You are able to get your event hashtag in a matter of seconds with no cost. Social media marketing is sometimes the easiest way you can target your audience and attract them to become your attendees. Let your hashtag do the talking!


These are our picks of the most useful tools an event planner should use. Collect the data you want, create beautiful landing pages, and rock your event marketing game online!


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