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3 Creative Ideas: Event Sponsors Promotion

    Written by Alihan Ozbayrak on March 20, 2017


You did it!  You planned the perfect event. Now all you need to do is promote your generous event sponsors. Before you offer the traditional branded pens and lanyards, take a minute to think strategically and creatively. Here are our top 3 creative event sponsors promotion ideas:


1. Games and Competitions

Engage your attendees with mini-olympic games! Games and competitions are great for interaction and networking. According to IAEE’s (Exhibitions and Events Mean Business) recent study, “Decision to Attend”, 75 percent of respondents stated that networking and making connections was important to them. This proved overwhelmingly true for millennials as 84 percent said the same. Leverage your competitive nature and let the games begin! Use competitions to your advantage, increasing event sponsors visibility. When executing, remember to mention sponsor names during the competition. Why not name the game after them? 


Sponsor Promotion 1 Virtual Reality Games

2. Event Apps

Event Apps have been growing in popularity over the past couple years. According to our data, An average attendee interacts with Socio at least 17 times during an event. By having a presence in multiple pages of Socio, your sponsor will be more visible to the crowd than ever before. Investing in a comprehensive event app that your attendees can access before the event is a great way to push sponsor promotion and attendee engagement. If your main goal, like many, is to provide a better event experience for your attendees and a better ROI for your sponsors, this is the solution for you. Most event apps fail to integrate both of these components. Make sure to choose wisely and evaluate your options carefully.


Event Sponsors Promotion Tip 2 Sponsor Interaction

3. WiFi

“Hey, can I have the WiFi password?” This is probably the most common question asked as an event planner. WiFi can be big a expenditure for large events, so try sponsoring and providing a temporary WiFi solution to give attendees a great experience. Display your own brand or your sponsor’s brand on the login page. Remember to collect data that could be useful for your sponsor…just ask permission first! 


Event Sponsors Promotion Tip 3 WiFi


So there you have it! If you’ve been tasked with finding better and more creative ways to promote sponsors, we hope that you found a couple of new ideas here.


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