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3 Decisions That Will Make or Break Your Event

3 Decisions That Will Make or Break Your Event

When you’re planning an event, there is a lot going through your mind. You want to make sure that everything is perfect, and it all goes off without a hitch. You will be judged on the experience that the attendees have, so putting on a good event for them should be the goal.


There are hundreds of things that you could worry about when it comes to this event, but how do you prioritize all of them? Here are 3 things that can make or break your event:


The Venue

Budget is always at the forefront of Event Planners minds. Whether your budget is really tight, or the sky is the limit, the name of the game is to maximize utility with the budget you have. There are a lot of factors to consider when spending that budget on a venue. This is a very important decision because the first thing that attendees experience at an event is the venue. Their initial mood is set when they walk into the event and begin to experience the location that you have chosen.


  • Choose a venue that has plenty of room for the number of attendees you are expecting. If more attendees than expected show up, you need to have the room to make sure everyone fits comfortably.


  • Parking is frequently something that goes overlooked. If you know that there will be a large portion of your attendees driving to the event, you are going to need to make sure that there is a convenient place for them to park!


  • Try to get something that “feels” like a good fit for the type of event you are planning. Whether you are expecting thousands of attendees, or a much smaller gathering, the venue that you choose should reflect the type of ambiance that you are trying to portray for the attendees. What do you want your attendees to go home thinking? Keep this in mind when choosing the venue they will be spending their time in.


The Vendors

Equally important to the venue itself is the vendors that you choose to fill it. Whether it is the catering that you go with, or the tech you partner with, it needs to make a statement.


One of the biggest mistakes that Event Planners make is choosing the types of vendors that they would like. One of the things that separates the good from the great is the ability to understand who is coming, and what they would enjoy the most. When it comes to food, it is always safe to look up who has good reviews. Do your homework and shop around.


With event tech being a hot topic in the industry now, choosing to keep up with the latest trends is important. If you consider yourself a pioneer or leader in the industry, it may also be a good idea to try and find that X-Factor when it comes to tech. Whether it is something as fundamental as implementing an event app, or as cutting edge as Virtual Reality, incorporating just one of the trends in event tech can help take your event to the next level.


Your Team

At the end of the day, as the event planner, you are going to be held largely responsible for how the event turns out. This, however, does not mean that you are alone. Surround yourself with a good team that you can rely on. They will be your saving grace when things get stressful.


A common misconception in the event planning industry is that there are a lot of one man/woman shows out there who take on the world by themselves to constantly put on great events. However, if you look at who is held in high regard when it comes to planning events, one of the first things that they will say is how important it is to have a good team. They could not do the things that they do by themselves. It doesn’t matter how good you are, how prepared you may be, or how much experience that you have, if you don’t have a good team behind you, there is a good chance that things won’t go as perfectly as you would have liked.


Choose the right venue, partner with some great vendors, and surround yourself with a solid team. Do these three things and you have a great chance of putting on a heck of an event!

Andrew Price
Andrew Price