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Press Release: Socio Raises $6M Series A

High Alpha Capital leads investment that will grow Socio’s North American and EMEA teams and accelerate product development ...

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Why Did We Raise $6 Million? To Empower Event Organizers

Today, we announced a completed round of $6 million in Series A funding. It’s the first major raise for Socio, and we did it for ...

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Socio event app layouts

Introducing Banner Ads & Custom Event App Layouts

Your event app should look, feel, and function the way you want it to. That’s why at Socio, we’re always looking for ways to make...

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How a Lead Retrieval App Lifts Event ROI

For years, lead retrieval has promised more than it's delivered. But now thanks to mobile technology, event organizers have someth...

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Event App - Advanced Search

3 Event App Updates: Advanced Search, Export to Calendar, and 9 New Languages

Giving you the best event app experience drives every update here at Socio. Today, we took another step toward that (three steps, ...

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white label event apps

[BREAKING] Victory! Apple Revises Its Controversial Guidelines Banning White Label Event Apps

As one of the leading event app providers, we received an exciting update from Apple, regarding white label event apps, stating th...

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challenges event planners face

3 Pitfalls That Event Planners Should Avoid

Most event planners agree that there is no "typical day" in an event planners life. In event planning, you should always expect th...

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6 Signs You Should Invest in an Event App

When planning events, your strategy should be to constantly revamp your event and improve upon its weaknesses. If you don’t carefu...

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Ultimate Guide To Survive Apple's Ban On Branded Event Apps

Finally… A Full Guide To Survive Apple’s Ban On Branded Event Apps

[UPDATE] Check out our new blog on this topic to get the latest news regarding Apple’s banning policies of white label event apps....

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how to create a successful event

2 Things You Wish You Knew a Year Ago About Event Planning

Event planning is a process. Experiences is the best teacher, but that takes time. Given the access to information in today’s gene...

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event marketing tips

4 Handpicked Event Marketing Tips That Gets You More Email Conversions

Emails are the most popular platform for business communications today. 120.4 billion business emails are sent daily, so it’s impo...

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successful event planning

The Secret Sauce to Making Your Next Event Amazing

Every event planner wants their next event to be the best one they've ever done. The ultimate goal is to fill every seat in the ho...

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attendee collaboration

Increase Attendee Collaboration at Your Next Event

Events are always transforming and adapting. A recent report from the IACC showed that new generations of event profs are altering...

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All-new event app builder

The All-New Event App Builder

Event Apps in 2017 and beyond As our company continues to grow, we are seeing and learning more everyday when it comes to events....

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How to Get the Most out of Your Conference Speaker – And Keep Them Happy

Speakers make up a huge part of an event's run down. They may also be the reason why some attend the event. Speaker budgets are no...

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